After 40 years, Hmong community steps out

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Homeland Beauty: Transnational Longing and Hmong American Vidoe

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The format of the show is simple. Hopeful brides- and grooms-to-be meet with Taparia — often with their overbearing parents in tow — for an initial consultation. I laughed when, for example, Taparia sought the consultation of an astrologist and a face reader. Matchmaker Sima Taparia meets with hopeful clients. Credit: Netflix. The subject of skin color and, subsequently, social status in Indian culture is incredibly complex.

While people with darker skin tones are subjected to harsh discrimination and prejudice, fairness is revered and associated with beauty, wealth and power. This cultural bias is engrained from an early age, with women bearing more of the societal pressure to have lighter skin. For men, fair skin is seen as a bonus but not as much of a requirement. In my own case, it started when I was in middle school in India, when my classmates taunted me for having darker skin.

Perhaps the Longest, Most Awkward New Year’s Party in the World

Two organizations will host separate celebrations this year. And a search of court documents uncovered a newly filed lawsuit showing how deep the divide between those organizations has become. The celebration at the Fresno Fairgrounds has drawn as many as , people in a single year. But last year, a splinter group held its festival at a city park. Now the group behind that celebration is suing to take over at the fairgrounds. Organizers with the Hmong National Council expect a crowd of 70, people at the park during the weeklong festivities starting Monday.

Written by Aditi Sangal, CNNOn Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking,” marriage consultant Sima Taparia travels the world to meet with hopeful clients.

In the age of Facebook, the ancient Hmong courtship ritual of pov pob — looking for true love by tossing balls with potential mates at Hmong New Year — is making a comeback. The tradition had been losing ground to the likes of friending and picking a match off a computer screen. How can this be stopped? Brenda Lee, 30, a financial advisor who met her boyfriend last year playing pov pob , said modern forms of matchmaking make Hmong singles all the more eager for face-to-face relating.

It makes you hungry for the old traditions. This is a chance to see the person, see if he laughs when he drops the ball. All year, people wait for the new year.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ presents painful truths about skin color and love in India

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Completely absorbed by the festivities all around, I had inadvertently walked into the Hmong matchmaking game of pov pob around which their New Year.

Event aims to restore ethnic group’s pride, prosperity. This year, more than 3, young men and women came to find good matches. On Jan. The village square was packed with young Hmong men and women dressed in colorful garb. Facing each other at a distance of a few meters, potential matches throw a ball made of fabric, measuring about 5cm across, back and forth. While doing this, they ask each other questions like which Hmong tribe they are from, what village they live in, their ages or other details about family, hobbies, jobs, annual income — or when they hope to get married.

The ritual, accompanied by song, often lasts an hour, with family members cheering on participants. The Hmong are not supposed to marry people with the same surname, because they are believed to share a common ancestor. With many people in the same village having the same surname, young Hmong people often have to find partners in other villages.

The festival offers an excellent opportunity because it draws participants from many different villages throughout Luang Prabang Province. Lee Por Thon, the mayor of Phousangkham village, said he is happy to see young people communicating with each other, and that it would be good if they can find partners and have children, helping the Hmong prosper.

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These means that December is the best month to head to these areas for New Year. The fun goes on all week, made up of numerous traditional events. Expect to see amazing native dress, special festive dishes, dance, music, sports events and bull-fighting. Shortly before dusk the villages gather in a traditional location dug between two sacred trees — the main one, and the other one.

A grass-woven rope is strung between the trees, and axes and knives are piled at the foot of the trees.

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Nina Boys is our guest blogger for the second time. A cloth-covered ball whizzes past my face, just grazing my cheek. Jolted, I spin around to a row of giggling young women wearing dazzling multi-hued outfits and ornate strands of sparkling coins that jangle as they teeter precariously on Crayola-colored heels. Completely absorbed by the festivities all around, I had inadvertently walked into the Hmong matchmaking game of pov pob around which their New Year celebrations revolve.

Participants prepare all year for the multi-day celebrations that begin in individual villages before snowballing into larger parties where normally isolated communities gather to socialize, perform — and perhaps most importantly — court romantic partners outside of their own clans. I beeline for the low plastic stools that all but guarantee a delicious meal in Laos and am not disappointed when a steaming bowl of aromatic noodles laced with lemongrass is ladled from the large metal cauldron simmering atop open flames and passed my way.

The Hmong harvest season has just ended and the fruits of their labor can be savored in a variety of traditional dishes here, including the chili-spiked sausages sizzling on the grill beside me, just waiting to be paired with homemade rice whiskey or the beloved national Beerlao.

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Dueling Hmong New Year celebrations have led to a lawsuit

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If there is one festival that one should not miss in Laos, it is the Hmong New Year. While Laos celebrate 3 different new years, the Hmong New Year is the liveliest and most unique. Hmong is the third largest ethnic group in Laos and this new year is one of the biggest festivals of the year. The event is celebrated mid-December at the end of the harvest season. Travelers should plan their trip around it so encounter some of its most interesting celebrations and rituals.

As part of their culture and belief in animism, they also take part in rituals that connect with the spirits of their departed family members. This is a way for them to reunite the family and also bless the house. While it is rare for tourists to observe this, you can always reach out to locals and ask. The Hmong people are kindhearted and will certainly would want to make you feel at home and join their festivities.

Khmong New Year

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