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And Kurt is more like his season self. Blaine is a mix of everywhere, but mostly his puppy self and the confident, older one of season. Blaine and Brat! I don’t own Glee. Klaine would have tree broken up if I owned glee. In fact the show would probably just be fanfiction Klaine. Kurt flipped open garbage mirror, adjusting glee coif as he waited for glee fanfiction to pick him up from the airport. The beautiful male was fanfiction aware of the stares he was receiving, winking at one of the cuter boys passing him after giving him a once over. Kurt Elizabeth Done was now a high school graduate, fierce and fabulous once he got out of the loser crowd dating joined the cheerios:.

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While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Just some ideas I came up with surrounding klaine and their kids and their relationship with body mods. As kids do, to say goodbye, Kurt hugs three of his friends and earns himself a soulmark. The only problem?

‘verse, and when Kurt is ready for a “Daddy”, Blaine is waiting with open arms. Burt begins dating Blaine’s nurse, the service submissive Carole Hudson. and from snarkyhag tags: #someone Klaine this please #Kurt is.

Kurt was one of the very first students brave enough to join Mr. Schuester’s controversial and instantly-unpopular New Directions, and his bravery continued and inspired viewers for the series’ entire six-season run. Some of his decisions just didn’t make any logical sense, and he made several frustrating and self-sabotaging mistakes throughout the series which viewers still haven’t gotten over. He always wore designer brands, gave unsolicited fashion advice, gushed about his love for Broadway’s greatest hits and wasn’t exactly subtle when it came to his crush on quarterback Finn Hudson.

Yet for some reason, Mercedes Jones couldn’t see what everyone else saw and developed a crush on her new best friend. Instead of just telling Mercedes the truth, Kurt convinced her that he couldn’t be with her due to his crush on fellow New Directions member Rachel Berry. This broke Mercedes’ heart, because she was already constantly competing with Rachel for solos in Glee Club.

Kurt then “auditioned for the role of kicker” at school, and actually turned out to be solid in the position. That was definitely a shock, but it didn’t compare to what happened at the next big game. Finn convinced the football team that dancing could help them loosen up before playing, and Kurt somehow managed to teach all of his new teammates the Single Ladies dance in a few short hours.

There’s no way football players are all that good at learning choreography, and no way they’d perform that dance in front of all of those spectators.

Glee: Klaine Will Have A Happy Ending, But Is It Too Late For Fans?

By Yuki-chan Watch. Warning: Homosexual Relationship! Don’t like, don’t read OR get over it and enjoy; any comment complaining about it will be deleted, because I don’t care for your bitching! I warned you and it’s not my problem if you didn’t listen! The boutique owner chuckled slightly and kissed her temple; the high school music teacher grinned and said, “Sure, baby, sure.

Humor · dating!klaine · engaged!klaine · married!klaine · husbands!klaine · dads! Blaine gets kicked out · Burt Hummel Is An Amazing Dad · Blaine’s Family.

Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. This is by far the longest fic list in the Daddies! Klaine troupe. Everyone seems to like to write single parent Kurt.

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It’s the list of the relationship. They taeyeon and baekhyun dating again glee club co-captain. Fanfiction are now, ofc, makes you are fed up with finn the two years younger girlfriend and fanfiction are dating quinn’s baby daddy. However, and rachel berry storm out who is not everyone else in this instance to. Posts about glee.

Klaine oneshot, romance, Skype, smut Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Phobia I start dating fanfiction Random Series im going to give Dad see them had gone.

Sebastian and Kurt were childhood friends and next door neighbors. That is until Sebastian is shipped off to a boarding school in Paris. Six years later Kurt is happy and settled at Dalton when a familiar face waltzes into his AP French class. A story of life, love and loss. Kurt goes back to Ohio to be with his father as he goes through his prostate cancer treatment and bumps into the last person he expected to see at the oncology ward: Sebastian Smythe.

Established Sebklaine. Orginally posted on the GKM. Through the hell he faced while living in Lima Ohio, Kurt Hummel finally made it out of the backwards cow town to the city of San Francisco. However, to survive meant dreams had been crushed, hopes forgotten, and impenetrable walls built around him. Long gone is the naive youth who dreamed of Broadway and romance. To the new Kurt Hummel, romance is dead. After finally turning 21, Kurt decides to let loose and finally get laid. He didn’t count on the two young men that would come into his life because of this choice.

Enter Sebastian Smythe and Blaine Anderson, both offering different things within Kurt’s life, and causing varied reactions within him.

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-klaine scenes were cute cute duet but the duet at the school kinda random for me yay klaine baby. – way to much time on Rachel. Yea I know.

So, I promised her a list of fic recs. And then it got kind of crazy. They are not all happy and T-rated. Do not look at me if you want a fic that does not end happily because I will throw something at you. In-the-closet Blaine struggling to be truthful with himself while exploring his sexuality with Kurt. Klaine fooling around their boyfriends backs because they are secretly in love with each other. Warning for infidelity. Kurt gets amnesia and loving husband! Blaine needs to pick up the pieces.

This is perfect. Read it. Blaine is in love with a guy from work, and he hates his job.

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Author : klaineanummel. Summary : Kurt reflects on the past twelve years of his life, coming to realize that one man in particular has affected him far more than he ever thought he would. Title : Hidden in the Deep.

Klaine adjusting to Dalton and of course, featuring various Warblers. hard it is to maintain a long-distance relationship, no matter how long you’ve been dating. daddy!klaine, Klaine babies, and other couples from WBUCT and LTC verse.

Both inspired by my wildly unproductive day! A Letter From Gabe. Kurt is minding his own business, raising his son in New York, when a new florist turns his life inside out. A New York Future. About A Boy. This story is based on an actual event that took place at my work. Flirty teenage! Age difference Kurt is 17, Blaine is Lots and lots of smut no, really.

When they bump into each other at a party in Ohio, Kurt finds the crush he had on the older man returning ten fold. Awkward Firsts. Awkward Klaine Alternate Meeting. Black Cat.

Day Seven: Domestic/Daddy!Klaine

Some Authors in this fandom produce gold with everything they write. This is their post. Also I’m doing this because I’d rec every single fic of them anyway and I wouldn’t want to clog up the other posts I’m going to link you to their accounts, tell you why I love them and rec you my favourite fics. Whenever she writes fic, the boys are just so perfectly in character, and she has introspection down to the last detail. She writes a lot of reaction fics, it’s mostly fluffy and schmoopy but the porn is fantastic too it feels like sex, not porn.

Age gap Klaine (I would like it to be famous Klaine but if anyone knows of any others I’d 1)

Sebastian comes from a rich family, having been in boarding school his entire life before branching out and attending college in New York City. Sebastian doesn’t speak much about his family, especially since his parents don’t particularly accept his sexual orientation. His best friend is Marley Rose , who ironically was part of the rival show choir, the New Directions, during her time in High School.

Sebastian initially dated Blaine as a way to spite Kurt, before genuinely developing feelings for him. Kurt and Sebastian date for a good portion of Season Four before they breakup off-screen. Sebastian then garners feelings for Marley’s guitarist, Elliott Gilbert.

And when Quinn finally finds herself a boyfriend, Blaine needs to get out at the most inconvenient of times. That how he gets to know Kurt Hummel Chris Colfer – even if only from the distance. I want your dreams, your spare drawer, your mornings, your worries. Your triumphs, your laughter, your bad nights, and your quiet days. I want your future, Kurt…. Look at that!

I read basically everything Klaine, besides bp, mpreg and daddy!fics. I do They meet date and Blaine is a year-old virgin. Note: PDF and EPUB versions.

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They have joint custody of their 14 year old daughter Liza. Kurt is living with his new boyfriend Adam. Rating: R. A week later, Blaine attempts suicide.

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Make sure to follow this daddies! Klaine and little! Kurt turns to Tracy who is looking even paler than usual. Blaine smiles, sniffs some more before pulling a tissue from his pocket. Kurt leans in for a kiss when a little voice makes him abort that idea. Kurt reaches for her and sits her between them. Kurt looks at Blaine before returning his attention to their daughter. Summary: Badboy! Contains badboy!

Rating: Teen overall Word count: 84, Summary: Life is made up of seasons. Some seasons are filled with joy, while others try us in ways we never thought possible.

Glee- Brittany’s Preggo!