Stemware – 18th-19th C.

You can thank George Ravenscroft for the astonishing variety of antique drinking glasses we have today. The Englishman was first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale, vastly improving the process of adding lead oxide to glass in A glass revolution was started and the first goblet to sit on the shelves of antique drinks cabinets across the country was developed – the baluster. But what exactly are they collecting? Antique baluster glasses Heavy balusters or goblets were all the rage between and The feet of these antique drinking glasses were folded and domed to strengthen the vessel.

decanters & drinking-glasses (dating notes)

These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A pair of Victorian ruby glass liqueur glasses painted with a grapewine decoration 9 cm high Show 4 more like this.

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An elegant pair of antique champagne saucers or coupes dating from the late Victorian era circa This lovely, very usable pair is made of clear glass with thumb cut bowls and a hexagonal section faceted baluster stem. They have polished pontils on a wide plain foot for stability. The glasses make a lovely ring when tapped with a finger and they would make a stylish and sophisticated addition.

An elegant set of six antique champagne saucers or coupes dating from the Edwardian era circa – This lovely, very usable set is made of fine clear glass with an etched band in the “concentric circles” design, popular at this period and looks just as great today. Together they weigh g. A very attractive and nice quality pair of hand made Regency period dwarf ale glasses dating from around The glasses each have a long drawn plain flaring trumpet shaped bowl and two knife edge or blade knops on the stems.

They sit on plain slightly conical feet which have have a rough pontils on the bases. They are in very good antique condition.


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It might surprise you that tequila can be served in more than just the humble shot glass. Tequila aficionados prefer to drink out of a glass that looks similar to a champagne glass, albeit much smaller. Snifter glasses are also used too the same kind for brandy. Port pipes are one of the oddest looking glasses on our list. Grappa is a grape-based type of brandy produced in Italy.

The glass has a stem to keep the liquid cool, and a bulb shape at the bottom as spheres are very good at maintaining that temperature. From there the glass flares upward, letting out a little bit of that powerful aroma. Although leaving your antiques out of the wash is best, your tequila glasses and grappa will happily fit in the top rack, and will leave your dishwasher shining clean. Main Navigation Toggle navigation Home. Tequila It might surprise you that tequila can be served in more than just the humble shot glass.

Port Pipes Port pipes are one of the oddest looking glasses on our list. Grappa glass Grappa is a grape-based type of brandy produced in Italy.

A collector’s guide to antique drinking glasses

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In , we were contacted by the production company for the Starz television series “Outlander” and were asked to make glasses for the set. They also selected some Shaft and Globe bottles and some Onion bottles. In , for the second season, we supplied Outlander with more dark green bottles, particularly the long-necked Shaft and Globe type, as well as some clear glass decanters with stoppers. In addition, we have been asked by several Outlander fans if we could make the carafe featured in the Wedding Scene from the first season, as well as clear glass versions of the bottles.

We have also been asked for a champagne flute in the style of Wine Glass 1. Details of these are below. In , for the third season, we supplied another large quantity of glasses: repeats of the original glasses we supplied for the first season. Also for the third season we supplied a large quantity of small and large decanters without handles see photo.

Tableware part II: Drinking Vessels

Doge’s Palace A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, is the very symbol of Venice. Glass Museum Housed in Murano, the museum hosts the most extensive historical collection of Murano glasses. Natural History Museum An evocative and engaging layout for discover the secrets of nature and living beings. Mocenigo Palace Museum of Textiles and Costumes with the itineraries dedicated to perfume.

Lace Museum Housed in Burano, the museum exhibits rare and valuable specimens of Venetian lace, from the 16th to the 20th century. Clock Tower For over years it has marked the life, the history and the continual passage of time of Venice.

This guide to vintage glassware compiles the most notable styles of the the craft, as they molded glass into elaborate drinking glasses and introduced Pieces dating before are more valuable, as are complete sets of.

A glass industry was already established near Venice in the 7th century, and vessel glass was made there by the last quarter of the 10th century. In the glass furnaces were removed to the neighbouring island of Murano to remove the risk of fire from the city. Although Venice had constant contact with the East, there is no evidence that it was indebted to that source for its skill in glassmaking.

Venetian enamelled glasses appear in the second half of the 15th century, and, although their technique is essentially similar to that of the Syrian glassmakers, it is likely that they are of independent development. Little is known of the vessels made before this period, but it is evident from representations in pictures that they were mainly footed flasks and low beakers. The Venetians attributed the introduction of enamelling to a member of the glassmaking family of Barovier.

The earliest pieces known, commencing with a goblet dated to , certainly show no signs of outside influence. These, like most Venetian glass of the period, were inspired by the artistic ideals of the Italian Renaissance. The decorations represent triumphs, allegories of love, grotesques fanciful combinations of human and animal forms , and so forth, with borders of dots of enamel laid on a ground of gold etched in scale pattern. Many of these pieces were of richly coloured glass, blue, green, or purple.

The Venetians were keenly aware of Roman achievements in glassmaking as in the other arts; they reproduced mosaic , millefiori, and aventurine glass, and glass resembling natural layered stones calcedonio , sometimes miscalled Schmelzglas , and they even copied a Roman form of bowl that had vertical, external ribs.

All these types of glass were Venetian specialities, and they were probably developed as a part of the extensive local bead industry.

Antique Wine Glasses

Two-handled cups are found in several sizes. Loving cups of this style appear about and go out of fashion around Later in the eighteenth century smaller cups appear. Some may have been used as chalices in Britain , but most were for ordinary domestic use.

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Scottish Georgian cordial. This Jacobite engraved glass has a rare variation of the Jacobite rose. Georgian 18th century wine glass with a tale to tell. A fine, engraved Georgian round funnel bowl wine glass dating to circa , the stem of double series opaque twist form, comprising a 15 ply spiral band outside a pair of heavy spiral threads. Description from pinterest. I searched for this on bing.

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